The Drum Center is proud to offer it’s customers great deals and services on drum kits, cymbals, hand drums, auxiliary percussion instruments, method books, and DVD’s. We also provide our community with first-rate, affordable percussion lessons and clinics.

In addition, here are a number of other percussion related services we are happy to provide.

Tuning for Life

Purchase any drum kit from The Drum Center of Lexington, and we will gladly tune your drums free of charge as long as you own them. We will also replace and tune any new drumhead you purchase from us.

Drum Repairs

Our professional staff can handle almost any drum repair, many times in less than one business day.

Expert Advice

Curious about the differences between different drum heads or drum sticks? Need advice about purchasing a kit for a beginning student or upgrading to a more professional kit? Come in and talk to our staff, all of whom are professional drummers. We know drums.

Other Referrals

For those services we cannot provide, we can refer you to another qualified person to handle your needs. Examples of such services include custom art for bass drum heads and head replacement for string tuned djembes.